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My 2020 Personal Retreat


I have always wanted some alone time to be by myself and just…Be. There is so much that the mind gets bombarded with and having that alone time is some form of self-preservation.

When I decided to have some time for myself, it was not to go anyway special; I was going to have my very own vision board party by myself , with myself. I had already envisioned myself sitting on the floor in my study and cutting photos I had printed from the internet and stick them to the vision board. My plan was to shut down, switch off my phones, get off the internet and just put physical pictures to the things I had written down to accomplish in 2020.

Unfortunately, some things happened int the last quarter of the year that literally knocked the wind out of me. In my desperation, I decided to shut it down and go away someplace I could afford and would give me some quiet. I thought of a few camps or places I had stayed in but decided against for several reasons. While googling for a quiet and affordable hotel, I came across some hidden treasure in Gwarimpa, Abuja called “The Edge By Wellness“. I should do a review of the place some other time. Today, we stick with my retreat.

I paid for the Standard Double room. I spent two nights there and read a ton of materials online on what to do during personal retreats. I’ll tell you a few of the things I learned that I would like to share with you:

  1. Make sure you know why you want to go on a retreat. Is it Spiritually or Business based? I know some people think and strategize better when they go on a “therapeutic” retreat where the focus is on Spa treatments and the like. If you just go somewhere without a plan, you have already planned to fail. I went on this retreat with an intangible plan  – To Listen.
  2. Don’t stay home. It helps to go away from familiar environments like your own home to cut off any distractions unless you are super disciplined. I am not going to lie, I felt quite rejuvenated after spending time at the hotel. If I were at home, I would be thinking if I have dry the clothes in the machine etc.
  3. Select a place that works with your budget and provides the serenity you need. I considered staying at another hotel until I found out that the music goes up from about 7.00pm until Mama calls. That was a no-no for me, prompting me to settle for The Edge By Wellness. The place was lovely and quiet, staff courteous and unobtrusive, aesthetics were simple and beautiful. The name and grounds seemed more suited for a Spa-it was that lovely.
  4. Be disciplined. I made sure I was off the TV and it wasn’t easy, trust me. I was also disciplined with the use of my phone ,only putting it on at select times and that was so my family could reach me and know I was ok.
  5. Have a Schedule/Time Table. You don’t have to write it down (though it is preferable) but you can have it in mind that your hours should be occupied. I read, studied, watched downloaded videos, took power walks (once) and read some
  6. Give yourself Time. Some of us worry too much. You may feel like you didn’t get all you needed or wanted from your personal retreat or you didn’t do enough. The fact that you took time away from the hustle and bustle of life is enough to commend yourself on. You’ll see as the days go how your alone time was integral to steadying you or giving you much needed support. For me, the retreat provided me with much needed clarity that keeps getting clearer as time goes on.



And there it is. Have you gone on a personal retreat yourself? How often do you  do it and how has it helped?

I look forward to you sharing.

Oh, since this is my first post in forever, let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!





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