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You should read this: “The Farm” Book Launch


Come back! Don’t let the skull scare you!

First, an apology: I know I owe you an explanation for going awol. I know. What happened to my Birthday giveaways? What happened to my stories or articles? I know, I know and I am sorry. I’m working on being consistent and not getting derailed by life itself so I decided to put this up while I find a way(and I have found “ways”) to make it up to you.

Adesuwa’s Book Launch

I always meant to write this post about a book launch that happened sometime last year but then, life really, really happened and I procrastinated until I never wrote it. Well, better late than never and I have to do something now. Why? I have these pictures that a friend of MI and I had taken of us at the event, including photos of the author and I thought I could share them with you.

A friend of mine- Adesuwa Iluobe published a collection of short stories and launched on 20th July, 2017. It was her very first published book and the excitement was palpable.

About the Book

The Farm is a collection of five short stories and addresses prevalent issues in our society, from expressing the fears of internally displaced persons to the horrors everyday Nigerians are plunged into- a bomb explosion in the marketplace, a baby factory and discrimination. It makes for an easy read and you should read this as soon as possible. The cover design is scary but compelling though.

About the Author

Adesuwa and I were course mates in the University. We were not very close to each other but I like to think we had mutual respect and admiration for each other. I guess I said to myself, “There’s a girl that’s going somewhere” and she said to herself, “There’s the Babe that’s going somewhere”. Lol.

After school, we discovered the other loved writing. I think I put her in the same class with my sister Olivia; I celebrate their writing style and skill and celebrate that we have completely different writing styles and approaches to writing. Adesuwa’s stories are mostly engineered now to tackle Terrorism, Child Trafficking and fostering World Peace. My stories are mostly Fostering World Happiness. Lol!

Adesuwa is multifaceted. She is a writer, fashion designer, Chartered Secretary, Lawyer etc. Would you believe it if I told you She made her dress? Well, she did!

Back to the launch.

I was glad to be a part of the planning process and I remember I flew into Abuja from Lagos that Friday so I could be turn up for my girl. Adesuwa’s brilliant sister got us lovely T-shirts carrying the book cover design and we had enough to eat, drink and make merry. The event held at the Enspire Incubator, Nepza building, Maitama.

The launch went well and I helped to coordinate. She had and still has the most amazing support system. Her family, Previous employers, Colleagues, Course-mates etc. In fact, Dike Chukwumerije was in attendance! If you don’t know him, google is your friend. Toh, when my time comes to publish I need him there o;think of the prestige. Oh, Lemmy Vedutti (an amazing photographer) was there too.

Enough with all the talk. This was meant to be short post. So feed your eyes on the pictures. A huge thanks to Ayo Taurrus for providing such epic photos. Ayo is our Main Gee! You need portraits that  capture and trap your expressions for eternity? Look no further;find him. Like Now. After you have read and commented on my post, that is.


Cover Design






I wonder what she told me here.














At the Launch, all copies sold out! Honest opinion? I think this book may one day be read in secondary schools.

You should get this book;and it’s very affordable, trust me. If you would like to purchase the book, kindly reach out to satayaafrica or check out her instagram handle @hadehsuwah and be sure to let her know you saw this post on my site.

Have you ever been to a Book Launch? If you have, were you involved in the brainstorming/strategy process?




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