Adele’s Hello- Oya, Where are the EXES?

Adele’s song is for me in reverse.

So I haven’t exactly listened to this song but I have read the lyrics and discussed this with Mercy Godwin and Ayo Taurus (amazing photographer) and that’s what has prompted this short post.

Whether Adele is singing it to herself as some people say or she’s singing it to her Ex, I think this is a beautiful song.

So all you Exes…yes, you! Start calling to say Sorry; not to explain anything. No…just sorry for making me second guess myself
Sorry for hurting me
Sorry for making me start a business with you  & you’re the only one sharing the profits (you work hard though)
Sorry for breaking up with me for the flimsy reason that my parents are not together
Sorry for making me spend my money on you when you lost your phones and electronic gadgets
Sorry for two-timing me with my colleague and a girl in a younger class
Sorry for making me turn cartwheels for you
Sorry for telling me about four days to my bar exams that you were engaged to someone else
Sorry for trying to come back and lead me on when your fiancee and the other fiances dumped you
Sorry for trying to make me Kim Kardashian
Sorry for calling me a bloody youth corper that didn’t measure up to your standard.

And yes, I made it out of that town where nothing ever happened. that town called Remain-whiny-and-depressed-while-he-moves-on-broke-beaten-down-disgusted town!

You know what? Like  Adele’s line, we can perfectly um up where we are now…It don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t tear ME apart anymore! So no need for the “Sorries”

OK, enough of the melodrama. i think I’m one person (so, Aima Atafo says) that always has the guy come back not to say sorry, really but to say he made a mistake and he should never have let me go bla de bla!

I have to go listen to the song but if you want the azlyrics has generally provided that for you.

Have any of your Exes(if you have) male or female come back to say sorry. Or did you say sorry to any of your exes? Kindly share. I’d love to learn!

PS: I’m sorry to any EX that I hurt and not in silly things o, like “Oh, you should have held me back and said, don’t leave so I won’t go the other girl OR I am responsible for you making a mess in your next relationship. Genuinely, I apologise to any person-not exes alone that I hurt. Sorry but I guess you too, have moved on.


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