She always walked amongst them, watching quietly, unseen, unnoticed…waiting for the perfect moment to get introduced to Lanre and his friends, Mike and Sam. She wondered how to get noticed. She was tired of her current lover, Ebuka and was ready for someone younger on campus. She didn’t mind having a threesome with Lanre and his friends and she waited for the opportunity to present itself. She and Ebuka were making out while the heavy music floated around them; Ebuka always threw great parties. He left her on the balcony to settle a brawl inside. While she schemed her meeting with Lanre out on the balcony, a young man walked up beside her. With a start she noticed it was Lanre! Finally! Her chance to have him! He seemed confused and lonely.

“Lanre?” He started. “What’s wrong?”

“Uh, nothing. Just need to clear my head from all the booze.” He moved closer to the older but exotic looking lady with the foreign accent. “Have we met?”

She smiled. “We have now. Won’t the handsome man ask a lady to dance?”

He seemed shocked and looked around furtively. “Aren’t you with Ebuka? I should go study”

“Yes but he isn’t here, is he? It’s just a dance and you’ll study better when we’re done dancing.”

Maybe it was the alcohol overload and lust but he agreed as she walked into his arms.

As they danced, their bodies swaying closer together, his thighs brushing hers, he inhaled her scent and groaned. Maybe it was the alcohol but he wanted to loose himself in this strange unique lady; she smelt of sandalwood and spice. She wasn’t the type he should be seen with but he didn’t care.  As if she knew what he was thinking, she raised her head and her lips found his. His was damp and nervous, hers was hot and smoldering. He stuttered and broke the kiss, glancing at the open doorway.

“I shouldn’t. If…”

She smiled, “No one would, Lan dear” and she made for him again. This time, Lanre did not hesitate. With a firmer grip, he pulled her closer, ravaging and plundering her mouth as he discovered her; he was drowning in her embrace. She pulled him in towards her, her hands in a vice-like grip round him as she urged him to take his fill. After an eternity, she broke the kiss and pulled away.

“I have to go, lover boy. Find me?”

He nodded in awe. She was the most exotic thing to him and she was leaving? He began to panic, watching her as she sashayed in the wind. “Wait! How do I find you?”

She turned and smiled- a warm, enticing smile. “Ask Ebuka. He’ll make sure we see again, this time for a while”

He didn’t want her to leave. He called out, “What’s your name?”

She paused and then smiled.

“Mari…” She called softly. “Marijuana” and her wrap blew in the wind leaving him a king turned pawn to do as she pleased.

I wrote this short story for a literary competition on Ella’s blog, Redvelvetts. You should check it out here . Only 5 stories were selected and people had a chance to vote with likes on each story. You had to write a story not more than 500 words and it had to begin with, “She always walked amongst them, watching quietly, unseen, unnoticed…Alas this story did not make it to the top five so people had no chance to see it or scrutinize it or enjoy it. I like to think that I am way ahead of my time with my writing. Sighs! Maybe the story was too good and blinded their intellectual minds or maybe it was too visual for them, but hey, you get a chance to read it here. You can read the winning story, Anyauwa- the eyes of the gods here . Although I didn’t win the $100 prize which would have gone some ways (sad), my congratulations to the winner, Mr. Chijioke.


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